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US, NY, New York City
Job summaryAre you seeking an environment where you can drive innovation? Do you want to apply inference, advanced statistical modeling and causal inference techniques to solve world's most challenging problems for Amazon's worldwide supply chain that drives its e-commerce engine? Do you want to play a crucial role in the future of Amazon's Retail business? Do you want to be a part of a journey that develops a new technology from scratch for answering critical business question in Amazon Retail?Every time an Amazon customer makes a purchase, a number of systems are involved: these systems help optimize acquisition, enable a number of purchase options, ensure great , store products so they are available for fast delivery, and minimize package frustration. The Technology (SCOT) Group develops and manages these systems. We are central to Amazon customers' ability to find what they want and get it when they want it.The Observational Data Causal Inference team tackles some of our hardest causal inference questions for Amazon worldwide supply chain, feeding results back to our stakeholders to continue to drive innovation in our supply chain technology to better serve our customers. Amazon's supply chain is extremely complex and operates at massive scale, thereby making it an attractive playground for causal inference research at scale where the results have immediate and tangible impact on our customers. This is a brand new team that sits alongside the established sister team (Inventory Planning and Control Lab) that runs randomized experiments for Amazon's worldwide supply chain. This position is open to the following locations: Seattle and virtual. Key job responsibilities* Lead the development of a consistent, integrated framework for assessing casual relationships the multitude of upstream and downstream supply chain metrics * Interact with senior leaders in Amazon supply chain, both technical and non-technical, to understand their primary use cases for causal inference* Independently write technical and business documents to communicate ideas and proposals to various audiences* Incorporate new data sources and creative methodology innovations to improve model performance* Mentor junior teammates to improve their understanding and application of science to causal and structural economic problems* Work alongside and collaborate with our randomized experimentation team (IPC Lab) to further drive understanding and innovation in supply chain technology
US, CA, San Francisco
Job summaryMULTIPLE POSITIONS AVAILABLECompany: AMAZON.COM SERVICES LLCPosition Title: Economist IILocation: San Francisco, CaliforniaPosition Responsibilities:Work with fellow economists, scientists and/or senior management on key business problems faced in retail, international retail, third party merchants, search, and/or operations. Apply the frontier of economic thinking to experiment design, forecasting, program evaluation and other areas. Build econometric models using data systems. Apply economic theory to solve business problems. Own the development of economic models and manage the data analysis, modeling and experimentation necessary to estimate and validate the models, in collaboration with scientists and engineers. Develop new techniques to process large data sets, address quantitative problems, and contribute to design of automated systems. Apply tools from applied micro-econometrics (e.g. experimental design, difference-in-difference, regression discontinuity) and forecasting (essential time series models). Leverage big data tools for data extraction. Work closely with business partners to communicate the intuition, implication and detail of economic analyses/modeling and incorporate feedback. Write up and present analysis for distribution to various levels of management at is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer - Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.#0000
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryAmazon’s Global Media and Entertainment (GME) organization is creating a future of entertainment where creative content, innovation, and commerce come together. We leverage Amazon’s unique expertise across video, music, gaming, and more to create a truly immersive entertainment experience. Our team, GME Economics, is focused on building science tools to optimize Amazon’s entertainment offerings, so that we can provide a great customer experience while operating as a sustainable and profitable business. We push ourselves to Think Big, building ambitious models that create value in multiple GME businesses.Our team answers questions like:• What is the long-term economic value of a particular content investment, UX change, or customer action?• How can we understand the GME customer lifecycle better, from new acquisitions to power users? • How do innovations in one GME business impact customer growth in another? • What can we learn about customers that will help optimize our portfolio of GME products and content?We are looking for a Senior Economist with a background in causal analysis to be a team lead, possibly as a manager if there is mutual interest and a good fit. To be successful in this role, you will need effective communication, an ability to work closely with stakeholders across our many GME partner teams, and the skill to translate data-driven findings into actionable insights. This includes developing a deep understanding of our business context, which is ambiguous and can change quickly. Your work will be used by decision-makers across GME to deliver the best entertainment experience for our customers, which means we have a high bar. Our healthy team culture is supportive and fast-paced, and we prioritize learning, growth, and helping each other to continuously raise the bar.Impact and Career Growth:In today’s entertainment landscape, critical decisions are made with data and economic models. You’ll help GME leaders ask the right questions, and then deliver data-driven answers, creating the future of GME at Amazon. You’ll help define a long-term science vision for our team and translate it into an actionable roadmap. This role combines science leadership, organizational ability, technical strength, product focus, and business understanding – a perfect recipe for career growth as an economist in tech.Key job responsibilities• Design and build econometric models, especially causal models, to measure the value of the business and its many features • Develop science products from concept to prototype to production, incorporating feedback from scientists and business partners• Independently identify and pursue new opportunities to leverage economic insights across GME businesses• Collaborate with PMs to build product roadmaps, ensuring our work meets the needs of our stakeholders and then communicating progress and findings to them• Write business and technical documents communicating business context, methods, and results to business leadership and other scientists• Work with engineers within and outside our org to productionize science models• Serve as a technical lead and mentor for junior scientists, ensuring a high science bar• Serve as a technical reviewer for our team and related teams, including document and code reviews
Job summaryHave you ever wondered how Amazon selects the offer(s) for a given product from potentially hundreds of sellers selling the same item? It is one of the most critical models in Amazon and one of the most visible ones on the web. Whenever you see price, anywhere on Amazon, in any locale, it is calling this model at the backend. This is an opportunity to work with the team, Offers Experience, that develops and maintains this model. It drives one of the most coveted real estate in the e-commerce industry, the “Offer Display” across all surfaces (mobile app, mobile web, desktop, Alexa shopping) worldwide. The team's vision is to simplify Amazon shopping experience by helping customers discover and evaluate offers to find the right option for their shopping journey. We use statistical models to select, rank and feature the most relevant offers to customers. Our model serves hundreds of millions of Amazon customers and handles millions of requests per second for hundreds of millions of products and billions of offers across the world.We are looking for a Senior Economist to join this high impact, high visibility team. You will lead the development and expansion of the next generation of the featured offer selection models. These new models will incorporate the continually changing preferences of our customers and continue to scale with numerous new programs that Amazon is introducing for our customers. You will work with multiple Amazon businesses and programs to identify big business opportunities and propose new business features and technical systems to improve customer experience. As a team, we own the end-to-end life cycle of models – estimation, simulation and experimentation. Your work will cut across various sub-disciplines like Causal Inference, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Counterfactual Estimation and Evaluation, Multi-armed Bandits, and High-dimensional Multivariate Experiments. You will be responsible for the quality of the model and will get the opportunity to present your ideas and share results of your deliverables with Amazon executives and Amazon scholars on a regular basis. As a senior scientist, you will be collaborating with junior scientists to define and enforce broad, company-wide technical standards in statistical modeling, optimization and simulation techniques.Why is this a great opportunity?We impact the global Amazon retail business: We are at the center of Amazon's retail universe. We work closely with other Retail teams like, BuyX, Search, Pricing, Cart, Checkout, Delivery Experience, Ultra Fast Grocery, Subscribe-n-Save, etc. You build systems that are used every time a customer sees any item on the Amazon website (globally) and helps them to make purchase decisions. As a result, your work will earn and preserve the customer trust. Our impact is typically measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.We are diverse: Our team is diverse in terms of expertise (SDE/Scientists/Economists/Data Engineer/Product Manager), nationality (10 countries), experience (college grad to industry veteran), tech-stacks (AWS frontend and backend, Datapath), and office locations (Seattle, Bangalore, Berlin, Vancouver).We prioritize learning: Work alongside some of Amazon’s smartest engineers, scientists, economists, and product managers. We have one Principal Economist and one Principal SDE in the team to learn from. We regularly take ML courses and present/teach at internal and external forums. We innovate, publish at Amazon Machine Learning Conference (AMLC), and file patents. We regularly review our models with academics like Michael Jordan, Guido Imbens, and our Chief Economist, Pat Bajari.We ensure work-life balance: Our team works together to provide work-life balance for all team members. We recognize that the circumstances of our team members vary, and we balance work across the team so that we are all able to maintain high standards on behalf of our customers, while at the same time allowing for rich and happy personal lives.We grow people: In H2 2021 alone, our org promoted 21 employees including a couple of L7 (principal) promotions.We have fun: We find ways to relax and unwind with team events and group lunches.We offer location flexibility: We are open to team members working from other locations as long as it is in the same country.If you are ready to truly make an impact on a product that is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, including your own friends and family, then we would love to talk to you.Key job responsibilitiesDevelop new econometric models or improve existing approaches using scalable techniques.Extract data for analysis and model development from large, complex datasets.Closely work with engineering teams to build scalable, efficient systems that implement prototypes in production.Apply economic theory to solve business problems in a fast moving environment.Distill problem definitions from informal business requirements and communicate technical solutions to senior business leaders.Drive innovation and best practices in applied research across the Amazon research science community.
US, CA, Culver City
Job summaryThe AdsEcon Team within Digicon is looking for an experienced PhD economist. You will lead science projects using cutting edge econometrics and ML to advance science especially behind our advertising business.Advertising is used daily to surface new selection and provide customers a wider set of product choices along their shopping journeys. The business is focused on generating value for shoppers as well as advertisers. Our team uses a combination of econometrics, machine learning, and data science to build disruptive products for all our Advertising products. We also generate insights to guide Amazon Advertising strategy, providing direct support to senior leadership.Location could be Seattle, Los Angeles, or New York City. Key job responsibilitiesLeverage econometrics and ML models to optimize advertising strategies on behalf of our customers.Influence key business and product decisions based on insights from models you develop. Identify and pitch new opportunities to leadership that are suggested by the data.Partner with other science leaders throughout Amazon to develop consistent and repeatable solutions.Design and analyze experiments (A/B testing etc.) to evaluate different strategies.Work with other scientists, software developers, and product partners to implement your solutions.
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryMULTIPLE POSITIONS AVAILABLECompany: AMAZON.COM SERVICES LLCPosition Title: Economist IIILocation: Seattle, WashingtonPosition Responsibilities:Consult with internal partner terms on collaboration opportunities and to assess potential for impact. Own development of economic models and manage data analysis, modeling, and experimentation necessary to validate model. Effectively communicate econometric models to business teams and incorporate feedback into project analysis/ is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation #0000
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryThis position can be located in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles or Santa Monica locations.Do you have a passion for diving deep to build new products that will drive critical business decisions and operations at scale? Do you want to work on a global project of critical importance to the future of Amazon, real never-been-done-before stuff of complexity and scale? If yes, the Amazon MODE (Media Operations, Data, and Execution) team is looking for somebody with your enthusiasm and skills to work as part of the team. We are looking for an Economist who is curious, driven, and passionate about marketing and media planning and optimization. This role will work closely with scientists and engineers to develop and run causal econometric models to understand customer behavior and how to efficiently plan and optimize Amazon’s marketing spend. You will collaborate directly with scientists to produce modeling solutions, partner with software developers and data engineers to build end-to-end data pipelines and production code, and have exposure to senior leadership as we communicate results and provide scientific guidance to the business. You will analyze large amounts of business data, automate, and scale the analysis, and develop metrics that will enable us to continually delight our customers worldwide.As an Economist, you bring structure to ambiguous business problems and use science, logic, and practical experience to decompose them into straightforward, scalable solutions. You set the standard for scientific excellence and make decisions that affect the way we build and integrate algorithms. Your solutions are exemplary in terms of algorithm design, clarity, model structure, efficiency, and extensibility. You tackle intrinsically hard problems; you're interested in learning; and you acquire skills and expertise as needed. This individual will be able to work equally well with Science, Engineering and business teams. Key job responsibilities• Own the development of causal models and manage the data analysis, modeling, and experimentation that is necessary for estimating and validating model.• Identify business opportunities, define and execute modeling approach, then deliver outcomes to various marketing stakeholders.• Lead the project plan from a scientific perspective on product launches including identifying potential risks, key milestones, and paths to mitigate risks.• Own key inputs to reports consumed by VPs and Directors across Amazon.• Collaborate with engineers to automate the models.
US, CA, San Diego
Job summaryEmployer: Services LLCPosition: EconomistLocation: San Diego, CAMultiple Positions Available:1. Work directly with a team of economists, and senior management on key business problems faced by amazon worldwide consumer teams. 2. Build econometric models using company data. 3. Apply economic or econometric theory to solve business problems.4. Develop new techniques to address quantitative problems and contribute to the design of automated solutions. 5. Apply tools from applied micro-econometrics (e.g. experimental design, difference-in-difference, regression discontinuity, and iv) or forecasting (essential time series models). 6. Build econometric and machine learning models to answer challenging, impactful questions. 7. Partner with other economists in WW consumer, CTPS (customer trust and partner support) to develop scalable solutions to economics problems. 8. Dig deep into problems facing customer and partner experience to improve decisions science for large scale issue. 9. Write up and present analyses for distribution to various levels of management at amazon.#0000
US, Virtual
Job summaryAmazon Pharmacy is a fast-growing part of Amazon. We are a passionate team working to build a best-in-class healthcare product designed to make high-quality healthcare easy to access. The economics group at is new, and there are great opportunities for high-impact projects touching many areas of the business. And as an economist at Amazon, you’ll be part of a vibrant community working on challenging applied problems in pricing, casual inference and market design (among others). We are looking for a pragmatic and driven economist with modeling skills, to drive change in how we do business. We are open to remote work. About you:Problem identifier and solver: is able to identify flaws in our current economic thinking, size them, prioritize them, and find solutions.Doer: can deliver end-to-end processes, making high-value judgements about the need for speed versus scientific rigor and state-of-the-art thinking.Collaborative: happy to work across disciplines with our business and finance teams, and able to collaborate and divide responsibilities in projects so as to leverage the different strengths of the teamOwn and Simplify: able to take ownership of complex problems, strip them down to their core essentials, and deliver solutions that can be easily communicated and whose impact can be measured.
GB, London
Job summaryWe are looking for an Economist to work on exciting and challenging business problems related to Amazon Retail’s worldwide product assortment. You will build innovative solutions based on econometrics, machine learning, and experimentation. You will be part of a interdisciplinary team of economists, product managers, engineers, and scientists, and your work will influence finance and business decisions affecting Amazon’s vast product assortment globally. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you know how to deliver results fast, and you have a deeply quantitative, highly innovative approach to solving problems, and long for the opportunity to build pioneering solutions to challenging problems, we want to talk to you.Key job responsibilitiesWork on a challenging problem that has the potential to significantly impact Amazon’s business positionDevelop econometric models and experiments to measure the customer and financial impact of Amazon’s product assortmentCollaborate with other scientists at Amazon to deliver measurable progress and changeInfluence business leaders based on empirical findings