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US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryThe Ads business at Amazon has grown significantly in the past 5 years. At the same time, the consumer business has been vibrant for over 20 years and many mechanisms that support it were developed before the emergence of the Ads business. There is an opportunity to jointly optimize many facets of the consumer and Ads business to maximize the overall value prop of Amazon to customers, sellers and the business all up.We are hiring an economist who is excited to work on some of the most ambiguous and fascinating problems at the company with the largest potential impact. A key deficit in jointly optimizing the consumer and Ads business is a lack of economic frameworks to evaluate our business units together. Another is efficient incrementality-based bandit and RL solutions to arbitrate different types of content. Creating cross-organization data-centric frameworks characterizing complementarities and tradeoffs will be a key component of this position. This is largely a greenfield area but there are already many data assets in place for the right deep thinker to create value. Cross organization impact is likely meaning there is material career growth upside for this position. You will work collaboratively with a team of economists, data scientists, and engineers in this position. About the teamOur team takes big swings and handles the toughest, high visibility challenges there are. We have external executive exposure on all workstreams (e.g., not the VP on our team but the partner teams). We also ask people to grow their skills and stretch but make sure that its done in a supportive and fun environment. It’s about impact, advancement, and fun on our team. We’re transparent about motivation for all of our projects: you’ll know precisely why the work you’re doing is important. Lastly, we work hard during work hours but we also don’t encourage working at nights or on weekends except in very rare, high stakes cases. Burn out isn’t a successful long run strategy. Because we invest in the long run success of our group it’s important to have hobbies, relax and then come to work refreshed and excited. It makes for bigger impact, faster skill accrual and thus career advancement. Our group is also very rigorous: every director level leader and above in our org has > 20 academic publications, have been co-editors of top academic journals, and serves on program committees of Economics and CS conferences. Our leaders are here for you and to enable you to be successful. We believe in being servant leaders focused on influence: good data work has little value if it doesn’t translate into actionable insights that are rolled out and impact the real economy. We are communication-centric since being able to explain what we do ensures high success rates and lowers administrative churn. Also: we laugh a lot. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryMULTIPLE POSITIONS AVAILABLECompany: AMAZON.COM SERVICES LLCPosition Title: Economist IIILocation: Seattle, WashingtonPosition Responsibilities:Work with chief economist and/or senior management on key business problems faced in Amazon. Apply latest developments of economic thinking to market design, pricing, forecasting, program evaluation, and other areas. Build econometric models. Apply economic theory to solve business problems. Develop new techniques to address quantitative problems and contribute to design of automated systems. Apply tools from applied micro-econometrics (e.g. experimental design, difference-indifference, regression discontinuity, and IV), forecasting (essential time series models), and industrial organization (e.g. discrete choice, static and dynamic structural models). Leverage big data tools for data is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation #0000
US, VA, Arlington
Job summaryWant to help Amazon tell its customer-centric story around the world and work in a highly cross-functional environment including economists, lawyers, scientists, public policy, public relations, and business teams? If yes, keep reading!The Litigation & Regulatory team works with senior management to develop economic models and evidence to support legal and regulatory matters across all lines of our business worldwide, including retail, marketplace services, AWS, consumer experience, shopping and search, and operations. In this role, you will join a team of economists, engineers, and lawyers working to drive deeper understanding of Amazon and the benefits it delivers for customers and other businesses around the world.Key job responsibilitiesProvide data-driven guidance and recommendations on strategic legal and regulatory questions facing Amazon, including worldwide competition.Partner closely with global public policy teams to identify opportunities to apply economic frameworks to current policy debates.Dialogue about Amazon’s economic fundamentals with a wide group of internal and external stakeholders from all disciplines.Interface with teams across Amazon to synthesize business facts and data into compelling economic narratives.Provide economic advice and counsel to stakeholders across Amazon on a broad spectrum of complex and often novel economic issues.Identify opportunities and tests to drive deeper understanding of market dynamics.Synthesize and translate complex findings into relevant and actionable insights.Collaborate with economists, scientists, engineers, and non-technical partners throughout Amazon’s worldwide operations to deliver projects with global scope.Conduct, direct, and coordinate all phases of research projects, demonstrating skill in all stages of the analysis process, including defining key research questions, recommending measures, working with multiple data sources, evaluating methodology and design, executing analysis plans, interpreting, and communicating results.If you are a high judgment economist with a passion for engaging in the current debate, love writing and communicating economic ideas to non-technical audiences, have a knack for quickly distilling facts and data into the most important takeaways, know how to deliver results fast, and you have a quantitative, highly innovative approach to solving problems, we want to talk to you.
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryAmazon’s Global Media and Entertainment (GME) organization is creating a future of entertainment where creative content, innovation, and commerce come together. We leverage Amazon’s unique expertise across video, music, gaming, and more to create a truly immersive entertainment experience.Our team, GME Economics, is focused on building science tools to optimize the Amazon entertainment experience, so that we can provide a great customer experience while operating as a sustainable and profitable business. Our team answers questions like: How do innovations in one GME business impact customer growth in another? How do we measure the health of our GME businesses? How can we understand the GME customer lifecycle better, from new acquisitions to power users?We are looking for a Senior Economist with strong background in causal inference to help us answer the questions above. The candidate will partner with other Economists, DS and Finance/Business teams to build out measurement models, run experiments, and answer major strategic questions about how to invest in the business.Key job responsibilitiesBuild econometric models, conduct statistical/machine learning analyses, or design experiments to measure the value of the business and its many featuresIndependently identify new opportunities for leveraging economic insights and models in the GME businessesDevelop and execute science products from concept, prototype to production incorporating feedback from customers, scientists and business leadersWrite technical white papers and business-facing documents to clearly explain complex technical concepts to audiences with diverse business/scientific backgroundsA day in the lifeOne of the key questions is how to improve discoverability of the GME businesses on the website. provides a surface for customers to discover businesses around Amazon. In this role, one of the main responsibilities would be to take the lead on this topic, understanding the systems involved and decision making process, and helping improve measurement on behalf of the GME businesses.Other potential projects on the team include building pricing or long-term valuation models for the various GME businesses, to help them navigate the shifting media landscape. This could range from understanding the value of launching a completely new business, to understanding the long-term value of major content investments in an existing business.
US, Virtual
Job summaryWe are looking for an excellent researcher to help us launch AXLab, an experimental lab to de-risk innovations before they reach the live lab stage. For any innovation to be tested, AXLab will create the relevant lab simulation of the Amazon context (our website, Seller Central, etc.) Using human participants, drawn both from university pools and from a curated panel of Amazon stakeholders, our lab simulation will allow us to build safe testbeds for innovation. This lab-based method is grounded in game theory and experimental economics. It has a proven track record for complex innovations. Successful candidates will be detail-oriented, organized, and responsible. They will be eager to learn how to design and implement sophisticated experiments. Some knowledge of econometrics, as well as basic familiarity with experimental methods are required.This is a full-time position at 40 hours per week, with compensation being awarded on an hourly basis. You will learn how to design and implement relevant experiments, collaborating with economists, scientists, and product managers. These skills will translate well into writing applied chapters in your dissertation and provide you with work experience that may help you with placement.Roughly 50% of previous cohorts have converted to full time scientist employment at Amazon. If you are interested, please send your CV to our mailing list at
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryWe are seeking a seasoned Senior Economist to accelerate the growth of Amazon Prime through econometrics and data analytics. Our vision is for Prime to be the Earth’s largest and most loved membership program. We look forward to partnering with you to advance our innovation on customers’ behalf.Amazon has a trailblazing track record of working with Ph.D. economists in the tech industry and offers a unique environment for economists to thrive. As an economist at Prime, you will apply the frontier of econometric and economic methods to Amazon’s terabytes of data and intriguing customer problems. Your expertise in building reduced-form or structural causal inference models is exemplary in Amazon. Your strategic thinking in designing mechanisms and products influences how Amazon evolves.In this role, you will build ground-breaking, state-of-the-art causal inference models to guide multi-billion-dollar investment decisions around the global Amazon marketplaces. You will own, execute, and expand a research roadmap that connects science, business, and engineering and contributes to Amazon Prime’s long term success. The ideal candidate will be an experienced economist in empirical industrial organization, labour economics, or related structural/reduced-form causal inference fields. You are a self-starter who enjoys ambiguity in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. You think big on the next game-changing opportunity but also dive deep into every detail that matters. You insist on the highest standards and are consistent in delivering results.Job responsibilitiesWork with Product, Finance, Data Science, and Data Engineering teams across the globe to deliver data-driven insights and products for regional and world-wide launches.Innovate on how Prime can leverage data analytics to grow faster.
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryWe are looking for detail-oriented, organized, and responsible individuals who are eager to learn how to work with large and complicated data sets. Some knowledge of econometrics, as well as basic familiarity with Python is necessary, and experience with SQL and UNIX would be a plus.These are full-time positions at 40 hours per week, with compensation being awarded on an hourly basis. You will learn how to build data sets and perform applied econometric analysis at Internet speed collaborating with economists, scientists, and product managers. These skills will translate well into writing applied chapters in your dissertation and provide you with work experience that may help you with placement.Roughly 50% of previous cohorts have converted to full time scientist employment at Amazon. If you are interested, please send your CV to our mailing list at
US, NY, New York
Job summaryAdvertising Finance at is seeking an exceptional Economist to join us. The most important question the Economics and Science team trying to answer includes: What are the long-term impacts of our initiatives? Where will Advertising’s growth come from in the next year? How big the Advertising business become over the next three years? Which widgets are poised to quintuple in size? What are the interactions between consumer and Ads business?We’re building a team to answer these questions using economics methods. This Economist role will collaborate directly with other economists, data scientists, financial managers and engineers to build accurate predictive models, estimate program impacts, and will have exposure to senior leadership as we communicate results and provide scientific guidance to the business.A successful candidate will be a problem solver who excels in translating broad business problems into specific analytics projects, enjoys diving into data, is excited by difficult modeling challenges, and possesses strong communication skills to effectively interact with the business teams.This role is open to the following locations: Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC/Arlington, VA. Key job responsibilitiesCollaborate with economists, data scientists, financial managers, and business leaders to define product requirements, provide science support, and communicate feedback.Implement economics methods to solve specific business problems utilizing code (Python, R, Scala, etc.).Improve existing methodologies by developing new data sources, testing model enhancements, and fine-tuning model parameters.Presenting data in a format that is immediately useful to answer the critical business questions.
US, WA, Seattle
Job summaryPrime Video is an industry leading, high-growth business and a critical driver of Amazon Prime subscriptions, which contribute to customer loyalty and lifetime value. Prime Video is used daily by a massive audience on Amazon's websites and through a variety of devices including the Kindle Fire, game consoles, smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Prime Video is a digital video streaming and download service that offers Amazon customers the ability to rent, purchase or subscribe to a huge catalog of videos. Movies range from new releases to classic favorites, and Prime Video offers major television episodes, entire seasons, or even day after air TV.The Video Content Research (VCR) team uses machine learning, econometrics, and data science to optimize Amazon’s streaming-video catalogue, driving customer engagement and Prime member acquisition. We generate insights to guide Amazon’s digital-video strategy, and we provide direct support to the content-acquisition process. We use detailed customer behavioral data (e.g. streaming history) and detailed information about content (e.g. IMDb-sourced characteristics) to predict and understand what customers like to watch.We are looking for a senior economist to help measure the impact of engagement with Prime Video content and integrate it into our content valuation framework.This position is open to the following locations: Seattle, Los AngelesKey job responsibilitiesLead the development of a consistent, integrated framework for how Prime Video values each title given upstream and downstream model constraintsInteract with senior leaders with Prime Video, both technical and non-technical, to understand their primary use casesIndependently write technical and business documents to communicate ideas and proposals to various audiencesIncorporate new data sources and creative methodology innovations to improve model performanceMentor junior teammates to improve their understanding and application of science to causal and structural economic problems
US, NY, New York
Job summaryThe AWS Finance Central Economics team is looking for a PhD economist. The ideal candidate will have some experience with causal estimation and/or with empirical industrial organization techniques. Working knowledge of R is a plus.You will learn about cloud products, including compute, storage, and databases. You will work on analytic projects requested by senior leadership. You will get the opportunity to learn new techniques. You will be a part of a team with many experienced economists.Key job responsibilitiesEIO