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About Amazon Science

Science at Amazon enables new customer experiences, addresses existing customer pain points, complements engineering and product disciplines, and is a critical functional skill for all Amazon businesses. It is this focus on the customer, and the company’s ability to have impact at global scale that attracts some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related fields.

  • Amazon scientists are conducting cutting edge research in areas ranging from machine learning to operations, conversational AI, robotics, quantum computing, and more.
  • Take deep dives into the latest research from Amazon scientists. including in depth looks at research that has been accepted at leading scientific conferences around the world.
  • The latest news about scientific innovation at Amazon, including in-depth behind the science features, awards, and recognitions.
  • Amazon is a great place to practice science and have real business impact, but that’s only one part of the story. Our scientists continue to publish, teach, and engage with the worldwide research community.
  • Amazon researchers regularly contribute to the broader scientific community through the public release of code and datasets.
  • Our scientists are active in conferences worldwide, where they look forward to contributing to — and learning from — the latest research, as well as engaging with the global science community.
  • Whether you’re a faculty member, student, developer, thought leader or a policy maker, Amazon offers a number of ways to engage with the company’s science community.
  • The company recruits talent from around the world for applied scientists, data scientists, economists, research scientists, scholars, academics, PhDs, and interns.
Christopher Stratchey wrote, "The separation of practical and theoretical work is artificial and injurious. Much of the practical work done in computing, both in software and in hardware design, is unsound and clumsy because the people who do it have not any clear understanding of the fundamental design principles of their work. Most of the abstract mathematical and theoretical work is sterile because it has no point of contact with real computing." Our customer-obsessed science strategy reliably nudges me back towards the intersection of the practical and theoretical. That's where the really game-changing work is at.
Byron Cook, vice president, distinguished scientist, Automated Reasoning Group
It means first developing a conviction that the problem we are working on is or will be truly important to customers. It's like asking the five whys — all starting with, ‘Who cares about the problem, and why should they care?’ — before getting down to a mathematical model. Once we are convinced about the value, it's about developing the right science to address the problem — and the problems that have the most customer impact in the long-term often require exciting new science and systems. This helps us focus on science that will really move the needle for our customers and stand the test of time.
Salal Humair, vice president and distinguished scientist, SCOT Inventory, Planning & Control
Customer-obsessed science means to always put yourself in the customer's shoes to improve the experience. It also means listening to customer pain points, and inventing on their behalf. They will tell you what they don't like, but it is up to us to provide solutions to delight them. Just Walk Out is a prime example of innovative solution addressing the "nobody likes to wait in line" customer pain point.
Gerard Medioni, vice president, distinguished scientist, Physical Stores Tech
Customer-obsessed science aims to solve customer problems and improve customer experiences. It is aligned with business priorities and brings value to our business. It is science that works backwards from customer needs and pain points, as opposed to forward from technology. It's important not to confuse customer-obsessed science with science that has a short time-horizon — customer-obsessed science be focused on the long-term.
Rajeev Rastogi, vice president, India Machine Learning
Customer-obsessed science means that you focus on understanding the customer's problem and bringing the best scientific tools to solve the problem. It means that you are not dogmatic about methods, but seek to apply the best method or combination of methods to solve the customer's problem. You invent and simplify, seeking expertise by partnering with others if the best method(s) is not your specialty.
Justine Hastings, vice president, PXT Science
Spyros Matsoukas, Senior Principal Applied Scientist, Alexa AI
Research and development that is grounded on real-world challenges and customer-facing problems. Only by working backwards from the customer, including defining metrics that characterize customer experience, we can ensure that our scientific innovations have measurable impact on customers’ lives.
Spyros Matsoukas, vice president and distinguished scientist, Alexa
Working backwards from customers means advancing state of art that solves specific customer pain points or builds new delights. The key difference is that we do not start with a solution and then look for problems where that solution can be applied. We start with the desired experience, identify key problems to solve, and then invent novel approaches to solve those problems.
Manoj Sindhwani, vice president, Alexa Speech
Customer obsession in science means applying the scientific method in service of our customers. Working backwards from the customer; their needs, wants, and pain points, is focusing our work on scientific innovation that is truly impactful. But science is a creative endeavor -- we often find surprises and new insights along the way. As we do, we continuously evaluate new ways to delight our customers.
Nikko Ström, vice president and distinguished scientist, Alexa AI
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Customer-obsessed science is about anticipating customers' needs by devising innovative solutions to challenging problems that customers do not yet realize they have or will have. This allows us to respond quickly with enhanced services when these needs do arise.
Douglas Terry, vice president, distinguished scientist, Database & AI Leadership
Garrett van Ryzin
I was always attracted to practical science — calculating where a projectile will land, how current flows in a circuit, what determines supply and demand. I love understanding how the world works and using this knowledge to make things better. And this is exactly what Amazon's customer-obsessed science is all about, working backwards from what customers value and using science to innovate and make their lives better. It's what great science is all about.
Garrett van Ryzin, distinguished scientist, SCOT
david-e. Heckerman_grey_230517221626.png
Inventing devices and services that improve the health and wellness of everyone on the planet.
David Heckerman, vice president and distinguished scientist, Advanced Technologies
Rohit Prasad Amazon Alexa SVP.jpeg
Customer-obsessed science means inventing and applying scientific approaches to understand and solve customer problems. It’s not just about coming up with the best algorithm or model you can think of, but proving it with sound methodology and ensuring it’s applicable to real-world challenges. This is core to everything that we do at Amazon, and it’s what makes us different. We start with our customers and work backwards from their needs, testing and improving our products and services based on their behavior and feedback.
Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and head scientist, Alexa

Science at Amazon around the world

Amazon scientists are working on large-scale technical challenges in a variety of research areas across the globe. Use the pins below to learn more about the customer-obsessed science being conducted at some of our research locations.
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South Australia, AU
New South Wales, AU
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Shanghai, CN
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Hyderabad, IN
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United Kingdom
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US, VA, Arlington
Amazon’s mission is to be the most customer centric company in the world. The Workforce Staffing (WFS) organization is on the front line of that mission by hiring the hourly fulfillment associates who make that mission a reality. To drive the necessary growth and continued scale of Amazon’s associate needs within a constrained employment environment, Amazon has created the Workforce Intelligence (WFI) team. This team will (re)invent how Amazon attracts, communicates with, and ultimately hires its hourly associates. This team owns multi-layered research and program implementation to drive deep learning, process improvements, and strategic recommendations to global leadership. Are you passionate about data? Do you enjoy questioning the status quo? Do complex and difficult challenges excite you? If yes, this may be the team for you. The Data Scientist will be responsible for creating cutting edge algorithms, predictive and prescriptive models as well as required data models to facilitate WFS at-scale warehouse associate hiring. This role acts as an internal consultant to the marketing, biz ops and candidate experience teams covering responsibilities such as at-scale hiring process improvement, analyzing large scale candidate/associate data and being strategic to providing best candidate hiring experience to WFS warehouse associate candidates. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Arlington, VA, USA
US, CA, Sunnyvale
Are you passionate about solving unique customer-facing problems in the Amazon scale? Are you excited about utilizing statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining and leverage tons of Amazon data to learn and infer customer shopping patterns? Do you enjoy working with a diversity of engineers, machine learning scientists, product managers and user-experience designers? If so, you have found the right match! Fashion is extremely fast-moving, visual, subjective, and it presents numerous unique problem domains such as product recommendations, product discovery and evaluation. The vision for Amazon Fashion is to make Amazon the number one online shopping destination for Fashion customers by providing large selections, inspiring and accurate recommendations and customer experience. The mission of Fit science team as part of Fashion Tech is to innovate and develop scalable ML solutions to provide personalized fit and size recommendation when Amazon Fashion customers evaluate apparels or shoes online. The team is hiring a Data Scientist who has a solid background in Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Mining and a proven record of effectively analyzing large complex heterogeneous datasets, and is motivated to grow professionally as a Data Scientist. Key job responsibilities - You will work on our Science team and partner closely with applied scientists, data engineers as well as product managers, UX designers, and business partners to answer complex problems via data analysis. Outputs from your analysis will directly help improve the performance of the ML based recommendation systems thereby enhancing the customer experience as well as inform the roadmap for science and the product. - You can effectively analyze complex and disparate datasets collected from diverse sources to derive key insights. - You have excellent communication skills to be able to work with cross-functional team members to understand key questions and earn the trust of senior leaders. - You are able to multi-task between different tasks such as gap analysis of algorithm results, integrating multiple disparate datasets, doing business intelligence, analyzing engagement metrics or presenting to stakeholders. - You thrive in an agile and fast-paced environment on highly visible projects and initiatives. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
US, CA, Sunnyvale
At Amazon Fashion, we are obsessed with making Amazon Fashion the most loved fashion destinations globally. We're searching for Computer Vision pioneers who are passionate about technology, innovation, and customer experience, and who are enthusiastic about making a lasting impact on the industry. You'll be working with talented scientists, engineers, and product managers to innovate on behalf of our customers. If you're fired up about being part of a dynamic, driven team, then this is your moment to join us on this exciting journey and change the world of eCommerce forever Key job responsibilities As a Applied Scientist, you will be at the forefront to define, own and drive the science that span multiple machine learning models and enabling multiple product/engineering teams and organizations. You will partner with product management and technical leadership to identify opportunities to innovate customer facing experiences. You will identify new areas of investment and work to align product roadmaps to deliver on these opportunities. As a science leader, you will not only develop unique scientific solutions, but more importantly influence strategy and outcomes across different Amazon organizations such as Search, Personalization and more. This role is inherently cross-functional and requires a strong ability to communicate, influence and earn the trust of software engineers, technical and business leadership. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon is continuing to invest in its Advertising business to tap into the growing online advertising market. The Publisher Technologies team builds and operates extensible services that empower 1P Publishers to improve the monetization of their customer experiences, along with the experiences themselves. We bias toward standards-based and flexible designs that allow Publishers the ability to invent on top of our solutions and to interoperate well with other advertising technology providers; both internal and external. The Publisher Technology Data, Insights, and Analytics team enables faster data-driven decision making for Publishers and Monetization teams by providing them with near real time data, data management tools, actionable insights, and an easy-to-use reporting experience. Our data products provide Publishers and Monetization teams with the capabilities necessary to better understand the performance of their Advertising products along with supporting machine learning at scale. In this role, you will join a team whose data products and services empower hundreds of teams across Amazon with near real time data to support big data analytics, insights, and machine learning at scale. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and implement advanced data tools, predictive models, and machine learning algorithms to support Advertising strategies and optimize revenue streams. You will analyze large-scale data to identify patterns and trends, and design and run A/B experiments to improve Publisher and advertiser experiences. Key job responsibilities - Design and lead large projects and experiments from beginning to end, and drive solutions to complex or ambiguous problems - Create tools and solve challenges using statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, and/or other approaches for quantifiable impact on the business - Use broad expertise to recommend the right strategies, methodologies, and best practices, teaching and mentoring others - Key influencer of your team’s business strategy and of related teams’ strategies - Communication and documentation of methodologies, insights, and recommendations for senior leaders with various levels of technical knowledge We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Seattle, WA, USA
GB, Cambridge
Our team undertakes research together with multiple organizations to advance the state-of-the-art in speech technologies. We not only work on giving Alexa, the ground-breaking service that powers Echo, her voice, but we also develop cutting-edge technologies with Amazon Studios, the provider of original content for Prime Video. Do you want to be part of the team developing the latest technology that impacts the customer experience of ground-breaking products? Then come join us and make history. We are looking for a passionate, talented, and inventive Senior Applied Scientist with a background in Machine Learning to help build industry-leading Speech, Language and Video technology. As a Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon you will work with talented peers to develop novel algorithms and modelling techniques to drive the state of the art in speech and vocal arts synthesis. Position Responsibilities: - Participate in the design, development, evaluation, deployment and updating of data-driven models for digital vocal arts applications. - Participate in research activities including the application and evaluation and digital vocal and video arts techniques for novel applications. - Research and implement novel ML and statistical approaches to add value to the business. - Mentor junior engineers and scientists. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Cambridge, GBR
US, WA, Seattle
The Amazon Economics Team is hiring Economist Interns. We are looking for detail-oriented, organized, and responsible individuals who are eager to learn how to work with large and complicated data sets to solve real-world business problems. Some knowledge of econometrics, as well as basic familiarity with Stata, R, or Python is necessary. Experience with SQL, UNIX, Sawtooth, and Spark would be a plus. These are full-time positions at 40 hours per week, with compensation being awarded on an hourly basis. You will learn how to build data sets and perform applied econometric analysis at Internet speed collaborating with economists, data scientists and MBAʼs. These skills will translate well into writing applied chapters in your dissertation and provide you with work experience that may help you with future job market placement. Roughly 85% of interns from previous cohorts have converted to full-time economics employment at Amazon. If you are interested, please send your CV to our mailing list at We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Seattle, WA, USA
US, WA, Seattle
Innovators wanted! Are you an entrepreneur? A builder? A dreamer? This role is part of an Amazon Special Projects team that takes the company’s Think Big leadership principle to the extreme. We focus on creating entirely new products and services with a goal of positively impacting the lives of our customers. No industries or subject areas are out of bounds. If you’re interested in innovating at scale to address big challenges in the world, this is the team for you. Here at Amazon, we embrace our differences. We are committed to furthering our culture of inclusion. We have thirteen employee-led affinity groups, reaching 40,000 employees in over 190 chapters globally. We are constantly learning through programs that are local, regional, and global. Amazon’s culture of inclusion is reinforced within our 16 Leadership Principles, which remind team members to seek diverse perspectives, learn and be curious, and earn trust. Our team highly values work-life balance, mentorship and career growth. We believe striking the right balance between your personal and professional life is critical to life-long happiness and fulfillment. We care about your career growth and strive to assign projects and offer training that will challenge you to become your best. We are a team of doers working passionately to apply cutting-edge advances in technology to solve real-world problems. As an Applied Scientist, you will work with a unique and gifted team developing exciting products for consumers and collaborate with cross-functional teams. Our team rewards intellectual curiosity while maintaining a laser-focus in bringing entirely new products to Amazon. Competitive candidates are responsive, flexible, and able to succeed within an open, collaborative, entrepreneurial, startup-like environment. At the cutting edge of both academic and applied research in this product area, you have the opportunity to work together with some of the most talented scientists, engineers, and product managers. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Seattle, WA, USA
US, NY, New York
Amazon is investing heavily in building a world-class advertising business, and we are responsible for defining and delivering a collection of self-service performance advertising products that drive discovery and sales. We deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks daily and break fresh ground to create world-class products. We are highly motivated, collaborative, and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and bias for action. With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an unprecedented rate with a seemingly endless range of new opportunities. Our systems and algorithms operate on one of the world's largest product catalogs, matching shoppers with advertised products with a high relevance bar and strict latency constraints. Sponsored Products Detail Page Blended Widgets team is chartered with building novel product recommendation experiences. We push the innovation frontiers for our hundreds of millions of customers WW to aid product discovery while helping shoppers to find relevant products easily. Our team is building differentiated recommendations that highlight specific characteristics of products (either direct attributes, inferred or machine learned), and leveraging generative AI to provide interactive shopping experiences. We are looking for a Senior Applied Scientist who can delight our customers by continually learning and inventing. Our ideal candidate is an experienced Applied Scientist who has a track-record of performing deep analysis and is passionate about applying advanced ML and statistical techniques to solve real-world, ambiguous and complex challenges to optimize and improve the product performance, and who is motivated to achieve results in a fast-paced environment. The position offers an exceptional opportunity to grow your technical and non-technical skills and make a real difference to the Amazon Advertising business. As a Senior Applied Scientist on this team, you will: * Be the technical leader in Machine Learning; lead efforts within this team and collaborate across teams * Rapidly design, prototype and test many possible hypotheses in a high-ambiguity environment, perform hands-on analysis and modeling of enormous data sets to develop insights that improve shopper experiences and merchandise sales * Drive end-to-end Machine Learning projects that have a high degree of ambiguity, scale, complexity. * Build machine learning models, perform proof-of-concept, experiment, optimize, and deploy your models into production; work closely with software engineers to assist in productionizing your ML models. * Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large-scale data analysis, machine-learning model development, model validation and serving. * Research new and innovative machine learning approaches. * Promote the culture of experimentation and applied science at Amazon Team video We are also open to consider the candidate in Seattle, or Palo Alto. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: New York, NY, USA
US, VA, Arlington
Amazon Advertising is one of Amazon's fastest growing and most profitable businesses, responsible for defining and delivering a collection of advertising products that drive discovery and sales. As a core product offering within our advertising portfolio, Sponsored Products (SP) helps merchants, retail vendors, and brand owners succeed via native advertising, which grows incremental sales of their products sold through Amazon. The SP team's primary goals are to help shoppers discover new products they love, be the most efficient way for advertisers to meet their business objectives, and build a sustainable business that continuously innovates on behalf of customers. Our products and solutions are strategically important to enable our Retail and Marketplace businesses to drive long-term growth. We deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks and break fresh ground in product and technical innovations every day! The Search Sourcing and Relevance team parses billions of ads to surface the best ad to show to Amazon shoppers. The team strives to understand customer intent and identify relevant ads that enable them to discover new and alternate products. This also enables sellers on Amazon to showcase their products to customers, which may, at times, be buried deeper in the search results. By showing the right ads to customers at the right time, this team improves the shopper experience, increase advertiser ROI, and improves long-term monetization. This is a talented team of machine learning scientists and software engineers working on complex solutions to understand the customer intent and present them with ads that are not only relevant to their actual shopping experience but also non-obtrusive. This area is of strategic importance to Amazon Retail and Marketplace business, driving long term growth. Key job responsibilities As a Senior Applied Scientist on this team, you will: - Be the technical leader in Machine Learning; lead efforts within this team and across other teams. - Perform hands-on analysis and modeling of enormous data sets to develop insights that increase traffic monetization and merchandise sales, without compromising the shopper experience. - Drive end-to-end Machine Learning projects that have a high degree of ambiguity, scale, complexity. - Build machine learning models, perform proof-of-concept, experiment, optimize, and deploy your models into production; work closely with software engineers to assist in productionizing your ML models. - Run A/B experiments, gather data, and perform statistical analysis. - Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large-scale data analysis, machine-learning model development, model validation and serving. - Research new and innovative machine learning approaches. - Recruit Applied Scientists to the team and provide mentorship. About the team Amazon is investing heavily in building a world-class advertising business. This team defines and delivers a collection of advertising products that drive discovery and sales. Our solutions generate billions in revenue and drive long-term growth for Amazon’s Retail and Marketplace businesses. We deliver billions of ad impressions, millions of clicks daily, and break fresh ground to create world-class products. We are a highly motivated, collaborative, and fun-loving team with an entrepreneurial spirit - with a broad mandate to experiment and innovate. You will invent new experiences and influence customer-facing shopping experiences to help suppliers grow their retail business and the auction dynamics that leverage native advertising; this is your opportunity to work within the fastest-growing businesses across all of Amazon! Define a long-term science vision for our advertising business, driven from our customers' needs, translating that direction into specific plans for research and applied scientists, as well as engineering and product teams. This role combines science leadership, organizational ability, technical strength, product focus, and business understanding. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Arlington, VA, USA
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon Advertising Impact Team is looking for a Senior Economist to help translate cutting-edge causal inference and machine learning research into production solutions. The individual will have the opportunity to shape the technical and strategic vision of a highly ambiguous problem space, and deliver measurable business impacts via cross-team and cross-functional collaboration. Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business. Our advertising products are strategically important to Amazon’s Retail and Marketplace businesses for driving long-term growth. The mission of the Advertising Impact Team is to make our advertising products the most customer-centric in the world. We specialize in measuring and modeling the short- and long-term customer behavior in relation to advertising, using state of the art econometrics and machine learning techniques. With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are constantly advancing our experimentation methodology and infrastructure to accelerate learning and scale impacts. We are highly motivated, collaborative and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and bias for action. Key job responsibilities • Function as a technical leader to shape the strategic vision and the science roadmap of a highly ambiguous problem space • Develop economic theory and deliver econometrics and machine learning models to optimize advertising strategies on behalf of our customers • Design, execute, and analyze experiments to verify the efficacy of different scientific solutions in production • Partner with cross-team technical contributors (scientists, software engineers, product managers) to implement the solution in production • Write effective business narratives and scientific papers to communicate to both business and technical audience, including the most senior leaders of the company We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: New York, NY, USA | Seattle, WA, USA