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Conversational AI / Natural-language processing

Building software and systems that help people communicate with computers naturally, as if communicating with family and friends.

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US, WA, Seattle
Prime Video is an industry leading, high-growth business and a critical driver of Amazon Prime subscriptions, which contribute to customer loyalty and lifetime value. Prime Video is used daily by a massive audience on Amazon's websites and through a variety of devices including the Kindle Fire, game consoles, smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Prime Video is a digital video streaming and download service that offers Amazon customers the ability to rent, purchase or subscribe to a huge catalog of videos. Movies range from new releases to classic favorites, and Prime Video offers major television episodes, entire seasons, or even day after air TV.The Prime Video Content Analytics team uses machine learning, econometrics, and data science to optimize Amazon’s streaming-video catalogue, driving customer engagement and Prime member acquisition. We generate insights to guide Amazon’s digital-video strategy, and we provide direct support to the content-acquisition process. We use detailed customer behavioral data (e.g. streaming history) and detailed information about content (e.g. IMDb-sourced characteristics) to predict and understand what customers like to watch.We are looking for a data scientist to build innovative systems for measuring the impact of engagement with Prime Video content. Key responsibilities of Prime Video data scientists include the following:· Optimizing the digital video catalog to improve customer experience and grow the Amazon business.· Improving model usability by analyzing customer behavior and by gathering requirements from business owners and other tech teams. Incorporating new data sources and implementing creative methodology innovations to improve model performance.· Creating and tracking accuracy and performance metrics.· Helping build production systems that take inputs from multiple models and support decision making.
US, MA, Cambridge
Alexa is the groundbreaking cloud-based voice service that powers Echo and other devices designed around your voice. Our team is creating the science and technology behind Alexa. We’re working hard, having fun, and making history. Come join our team! You will have an enormous opportunity to impact the customer experience, design, architecture, and implementation of a cutting edge product used every day by people you know.We’re looking for a passionate, talented, and inventive scientist to help build industry-leading conversational technologies that customers love. Our mission is to push the envelope in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Dialog Management, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Audio Signal Processing, in order to provide the best-possible experience for our customers. As a Senior Machine Learning Scientist, you will work with talented peers to develop novel algorithms and modeling techniques to augment and enhance voice centric intelligent systems. You will leverage Amazon’s heterogeneous data sources and large-scale computing resources to accelerate advances in artificial intelligence. You will collaborate with other scientists and work in a fast paced team environment. Your work will directly impact our customers in the form of novel products and services that make use of speech and language technology.
US, WA, Seattle
As the most customer-centric company on earth, Amazon is leading the way in Customer Service (CS) and recognized as #1 in the world. The Worldwide Defect Elimination (WWDE) organization in CS drives Amazon towards the creation of a defect-free customer experience by building technology and mechanisms to detect, escalate, and eliminate customer experience defects before they impact customers. To achieve this, we must understand what our customers are saying through different customer feedback sources including CS contacts, product reviews, return comments, and social media posts. Customer feedback is often in free form language and unstructured formats, requiring advanced science and engineering to derive insights.We are looking for talented Machine Learning (ML) scientists to build innovative and scalable models using state-of-the-art ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to help Amazon understand Voice of the Customer and provide the perfect customer experience. Are you passionate about solving real world problems by analyzing and modeling millions of customer feedback data points every day and creating cutting-edge algorithms? Do you enjoy working on challenging problems, and implementing/deploying your ideas at scale? Are you capable of building end-to-end solutions that deliver significant benefits to the business in a fast pace environment? Will you bring innovation and simplicity to the team? If so, you are invited to join the WWDE Science Team.Major responsibilities:· Understand business challenges as well as identify gaps and new opportunities by analyzing and extracting relevant information from large amounts of both structured and unstructured data· Take the lead on medium-to-large business goals, and work on large-scale scientific projects, systems and processes· Use statistics, NLP and deep learning techniques to create scalable, efficient, and automated solutions for business problems· Collaborate with tech and product teams on model building strategies and model experiments, implementation and continuous improvement· Prototype and implement novel ML algorithms and statistical approaches· Coach and mentor junior scientistsAmazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer - Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation /Age
ES, M, Madrid
At Amazon, we are committed to being the Earth’s most customer-centric company. The International Technology group (InTech) owns the enhancement and delivery of Amazon’s cutting-edge engineering to all the varied customers and cultures of the world. We do this through a combination of partnerships with other Amazon technical teams and our own innovative new projects.You will be joining the EU Lifecycle team is to evolve the onsite experience by understanding and serving the needs of customers at each stage of their relationship with Amazon. You will contribute to doing this by helping us identify the right promotions to show a customer given their interests and intent on Amazon using challenging machine learning and data analysis solutions. You will be exposed to cutting edge big data and machine learning technologies and you'll be part of a key effort to improve our customers experience.We are looking for a passionate, talented, and inventive Scientist with a strong machine learning background to help build industry-leading machine learning solutions. As the successful applicant for this role, you will with work closely with your business partners to identify opportunities for innovation. You will apply machine learning solutions to automate manual processes, to scale existing systems, to name just a few. You will own the definition, training and validation of the machine learning models, and you will work closely with the software engineering team to deploy and operate these models at scale.Your work will improve the experience of millions of daily customers using Amazon in Europe and in other regions. You will have the chance to have great customer impact and continue growing in one of the most innovative companies in the world. You will learn a huge amount - and have a lot of fun - in the process!
US, NY, New York
Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business and we are responsible for defining and delivering a collection of self-service performance advertising products that drive discovery and sales. Our products are strategically important to our Retail and Marketplace businesses driving long term growth. We deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks daily and are breaking fresh ground to create world-class products. We are highly motivated, collaborative and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and bias for action. With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an unprecedented rate with a seemingly endless range of new opportunities.The Sponsored Brands Recommendations team is a versatile environment, with a wide variety of challenges. We focus on helping advertisers by providing recommendations to help them achieve their goals. We look at mega size data from both retail and advertising space, and coming up with ML based recommendations through multiple products.As a Data Scientist, you will solve real world problems by analyzing large amounts of business data, diving deep to identify business insights and opportunities, designing simulations and experiments, developing statistical and ML models by tailoring to business needs, and collaborating with scientists, engineers, BIE's, product managers. The successful candidate should have a strong quantitative background and excellent data analytics / math skills.Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation#sspa
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon delights millions of customers around the world. Meet PI-Squared, the behind-the-scenes team, that enables our HR and Operations Leaders to make informed decisions and improve the overall experience of a million frontline employees and leaders throughout their journey at Amazon. Our diverse team of statisticians, machine learning experts, and social scientists strive to make Amazon HR the most scientific HR organization in the world. We form hypotheses about the best talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent development techniques, and then set out to prove or disprove them with experiments and careful data collection.The ambition of Amazon HR is to be the most scientific organization in the world. We bring data and machine learning into management science to deliver workforce, associate experience, and leadership insights so Amazon leaders can focus their efforts in ways that will engage, retain and grow their talents. You will have the opportunity to work with operation leaders across different business lines to gain deep insights into Amazons’ daily operation and directly impact productivity, quality, and safety of hundreds of thousands of employees’ everyday life.Roles and Responsibilities:(1) Undertake econometric / statistical analysis to measure impact of various initiatives in the HR space.(2) Design and measure experiments(3) Undertake qualitative analysis to augment the findings from quantitative studies(4) Build scalable analytic solutions using state of the art tools based on large datasetsThis role requires an individual with strong quantitative modeling skills and the ability to apply statistical/machine learning, econometric, and experimental design methods. Preference will be given to candidates with additional experience in qualitative analysis in a variety of settings such as focus groups, field studies, surveys, and observational studies.The ideal candidate will be:· A Well-Rounded Athlete –Like a true athlete, you understand that we succeed or fail as a team. You are always ready to step up beyond your core responsibilities and go the extra mile for the project and your team. You nimbly overcome barriers to deliver the best products more quickly than expected.· A Perpetual Student – You seek knowledge and insight. You challenge yourself to turn moments into master’s classes. Whether closing a gap, developing a new skill, or staying ahead of your industry, you revel in the joy of learning and growing.· A Skilled Communicator – You excel when interacting with business and technical partners whether you are chatting, sending a written message, or conducting a presentation.· A Trusted Advisor – You work closely with stakeholders to define key business needs and deliver on commitments. You enable effective decision making by retrieving and aggregating data from multiple sources and compiling it into a digestible and actionable format.· An Inventor at Heart – You innovate on behalf of your customer by proactively implementing improvements, enhancements, and customizations. Your customers marvel at your creative solutions to challenges they had not yet identified.· A Fearless Explorer – You are drawn to take on the hardest problems, navigate ambiguity, and battle skepticism. You never settle, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles.
US, CA, Sunnyvale
Amazon Lab126 is an inventive research and development company that designs and engineers high-profile consumer electronics. Lab126 began in 2004 as a subsidiary of, Inc., originally creating the best-selling Kindle family of products. Since then, we have produced groundbreaking devices like Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Amazon Echo. What will you help us create?The Role:“If you do not work on an important problem, it's unlikely you'll do important work.” – Richard HammingWe have important problems to solve. There are great, world-changing products that should exist, but do not, because the technology to enable them does not exist. Yet. That’s where you come in.We are a smart team of doers that work passionately to apply cutting-edge advances in and to solve real-world challenges that will transform our customers’ experiences in ways we can’t even imagine yet.Key responsibilities will be to conduct research and development in algorithms and to collaborate with cross-functional engineering teams, including Amazon Robotics, to put the concepts you develop into production. You will determine where commercially available solution and academic research can be applied to solve Amazon business problems, as well as identify opportunities for innovation. You will use a large amount of data to train and test algorithms to bring them up to production level quality.If this describes you, come join our team at Lab126 in the heart of Silicon Valley. An Applied Scientist on this team will translate business and functional requirements into working code. Comfort with a high degree of ambiguity and ability to solve problems that haven’t been solved to scale before are essential. The role includes the following:· Research, design, implement and evaluate novel algorithms· Work on large-scale datasets, focusing on creating robust, scalable and accurate systems in versatile application fields· Collaborate closely with team members on developing systems from prototyping to production level· Collaborate with teams spread all over the world· Work closely with engineering teams to drive scalable, real-time implementations· Track general business activity and provide clear, compelling management reports on a regular basis
US, CA, Sunnyvale
Interested in Amazon Echo? The Amazon Alexa teams are building speech and language solutions which will enhance user interactions with Amazon products and services. Come join us!We are looking for a passionate and talented Senior Applied Scientist to join our team. As a Scientist in the Wakeword team within the Speech organization, you will work with talented peers to develop novel algorithms to advance the state of the art in Speech detection. Your work will directly impact our customers in the form of products and services that make use of speech technology. You will be able to leverage Amazon’s heterogeneous data sources and large-scale computing resources to accelerate advances in speech/non-speech detection under a diverse set of usage scenarios and noise-conditions.You will be able to:· Engage with an experienced cross-disciplinary staff to conceive and design innovative consumer products.· Work closely with an internal inter-disciplinary team, and outside partners to drive key aspects of product definition, execution and test.· Ensure data quality throughout all stages of acquisition and processing, including such areas as data sourcing/collection, ground truth generation, normalization, transformation, cross-lingual alignment/mapping, etc.· Clean, analyze and select data to gauge customer experience· Build and release models that elevate the customer experience and track impact over time· Present proposals and results in a clear manner backed by data and coupled with actionable conclusions to drive business decisions· Work with engineers to develop efficient data querying and modeling infrastructure for both offline and online use cases
US, WA, Seattle
Why this job is awesome?· This is SUPER high-visibility work: Our mission is to provide consistent, accurate, and relevant delivery information to every single page on every Amazon-owned site.· MILLIONS of customers will be impacted by your contributions: The changes we make directly impact the customer experience on every Amazon site. This is a great position for someone who likes to leverage Machine learning technologies to solve the real customer problems, and also wants to see and measure their direct impact on customers.· We are a cross-functional team that owns the ENTIRE delivery experience for customers: From the business requirements to the technical systems that allow us to directly affect the on-site experience from a central service, business and technical team members are integrated so everyone is involved through the entire development process.- Do you want to join an innovative team of scientists and engineers who use machine learning and statistical techniques to deliver the best delivery experience on every Amazon-owned site?- Are you excited by the prospect of analyzing and modeling terabytes of data on the cloud and create state-of-art algorithms to solve real world problems?- Do you like to own end-to-end business problems/metrics and directly impact the profitability of the company?- Do you like to innovate and simplify?If yes, then you may be a great fit to join the Delivery Experience Machine Learning team.Major responsibilities:· Research and implement machine learning and statistical techniques to create scalable and effective models in Delivery Experience (DEX) systems· Deep data analysis to solve business problems and to identify business opportunities to provide the best delivery experience on all Amazon-owned sites.· Design, development and evaluation of highly innovative machine learning models for big data.· Analyzing and understanding large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data to detect patterns, to analyze trends and to identify correlations and causalities· Working closely with other software engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations and new feature creations· Establishing scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementationAmazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer - Female/Minority/Disability/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
US, WA, Seattle
Passionate about helping customers simplify and accelerate their machine learning workloads on Sagemaker and AWS? Come join the Machine Learning Marketplace team and help us build the future of ML.You'll work alongside engineers and leaders in both AWS Marketplace and Sagemaker. You will have deep understanding and experience building Machine Learning models and how to apply them in practice. You will invent new ways for sellers to package IP and enable buyers with the right capabilities to evaluate, experiment, re-train and integrate machine learning into their systems.We are looking for highly motivated applied scientists and engineers interested to help us realize the vision of simple and effective ML.Responsibilities include:· Designing and implementing new features in Marketplace and SageMaker to enable IP packaging, training, evaluation.· Work with Fortune 500 companies to understand use cases and help build prototypes and proof-of-concepts.· Lead teams of engineers in building the latest ML features for marketplace· Evaluate existing capabilities and provide guidance for ML best practices and state-of-the-art.· Working closely with Product Managers to expand depth of our product insights with data, create a variety of experiments, and determine the highest-impact projects to include in planning roadmaps· Providing technical and scientific guidance to your team members· Communicating effectively with senior management as well as with colleagues from science, engineering, and business backgrounds· Being a cultural leader that ensures teams are collecting, understanding, and using data to inform every decision that impacts our customersThe successful candidate will have an established background in developing customer-facing experiences, a strong technical ability, a start-up mentality, excellent project management skills, and great communication skills.
US, WA, Seattle
Have you ever ordered a product on Amazon and when that box with the smile arrived, wondered how it got to you so fast? Wondered where it came from and how much it cost Amazon? If so, the Amazon Global Supply Chain Optimization Technologies organization is for you.Watch this video to learn more about our organization, SCOT: Amazon SCOT organization is expanding our Direct Fulfillment (dropship) business and we are looking for a Data Scientist to join the team. Direct Fulfillment helps provide Amazon customers the broadest in-stock selection, at the quality and speed of delivery they have come to expect from Amazon at the best possible cost structure for Amazon. Direct Fulfillment allows Amazon to fulfill customer orders directly from our vendor’s warehouse and is one of the fastest growing supply channels at Amazon.The Data Scientist, in partnership with the Product Management, Operations, and Tech teams will lead efforts in three areas :1) Building models to forecast volume of shipments at vendors to allow better planning2) Identifying opportunities for shipping costs optimization which is one of the largest costs in the Direct Fulfillment business3) Creating models to identify most optimal fulfillment channel (whether Direct Fulfillment or Amazon Fulfillment) for a given selection.Core Responsibilities· Define and deliver on complex analytical deep dives to unlock insights that drive business growth.· Build models for forecasting volume, optimize shipping costs and channel selection· Define and conduct experiments to validate/reject hypotheses, and communicate insights and recommendations to Product and Tech teamsThe ideal candidate relishes working with large volumes of data, enjoys the challenge of highly complex business contexts, and, above all else, is passionate about data and analytics. The candidate is an expert with business intelligence tools and passionately partners with the business to identify strategic opportunities where data-backed insights drive value creation. An effective communicator, the candidate crisply translates analysis result into executive-facing business terms. The candidate works aptly with internal and external teams to push the projects across the finishing line. The candidate is a self-starter, comfortable with ambiguity, able to think big (while paying careful attention to detail), and enjoys working in a fast-paced and global team.Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation / Age
RO, Iasi
Compliance Tech Team supports Amazon’s mission of offering the widest selection of products available, while protecting customers from recalled or unsafe products. We develop a suite of systems (manual, supervised, and fully automated) that enable product classification according to various taxonomies. These include systems that:(1) orchestrate and automate operational workflows,(2) perform data extraction from documents (such as technical specifications) and images (such as product labels) associated with the products, making use of the latest NLP advances,(3) perform standard symbol identification in documents and natural scenes,(4) make classification recommendations and surface potential risksIn building these systems we leverage a mix of in-house and public AWS technologies such as Lambda, Fargate, Step Functions, SageMaker, Textract, Comprehend, Translate, Rekognition and DeepLens.This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience in regulatory compliance with a vibrant and fast-growing company!We are looking for Software Development Engineers / Applied Scientists with strong analytical and problem solving skills, who will participate in the full development cycle from design and implementation to documentation and maintenance. The successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be passionate about developing reliable, efficient, and maintainable data analysis solutions that provide users with robust information solutions.Key Responsibilities:· Participate in the design, development, implementation, testing and documentation of large-scale distributed software applications, tools, systems and services;· Translate functional requirements into robust, scalable, supportable solutions that work well within the overall system architecture;· Participate in the full development cycle, end-to-end, from design, implementation, and testing to documentation, delivery and maintenance;· Produce comprehensive, usable software documentation;· Evaluate and make decisions around the use of new or existing software products and tools.
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon's Advertising is positioned to grow its share of the online advertising industry due to its unique combination of online retail behavior data, industry-leading cloud services, and a fast-moving startup culture. The targeting platform enables our ad systems to deliver the right ads to the right users. To accomplish this goal, we are applying the latest low latency, big data technologies and toolsets which allow us to understand our users interests and personalize their experiences.There's an almost overwhelming amount of data available, and we need to build the best models to predict which signals are likely to have an impact and which aren't. We're building tools and services to automate the generation, validation, and publishing of models that incorporate all available data to predict any measurable signal. You will be working in designing, building and finally shipping these products together with partners, product management, other engineers and data scientists.In this role you will:• Perform hands-on data analysis and modeling with very large data sets to develop insights into different aspects of our business (shopper experience, advertiser experience, marketplace dynamics)• Define and build tools and processes to monitor these metrics (weekly business reviews, dashboards, automated alarming)• Use data to identify opportunities to improve our systems.• Work with scientists and engineers to model complex interactions in our systems• Be a member of the Amazon-wide Machine Learning Community, participating in internal and external Meetups, Hackathons and Conferences
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon’s global talent is incredibly complex with unique problems to be solved for each line of business. Global Talent Management (GTM) is centrally responsible for creating and evolving Amazon’s human capital and talent products and processes. GTM Science is a growing interdisciplinary science team within GTM that develops science products and services that facilitate Amazon’s growth and development of talent across all of our businesses and locations around the world.Our vision in GTM Science is to use machine learning and science to scalably solve organizational challenges focused on talent movement, talent differentiation, employee-role matching, promotion processes, organizational design and succession planning, diversity and inclusion, and new areas that address the evolving needs of our diverse employee base.We are looking for an experienced machine learning scientist to work on talent science products that draw from a range of fields such as supervised and unsupervised learning, recommendation systems, machine learning on graphs, reinforcement learning and others on rich and novel datasets. The role has high visibility to senior Amazon business leaders and involves working with other scientists, partnering with dev and product teams to integrate these models into production systems.As an applied scientist in GTM Science, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting problems in one of the most innovative applications of science in the Human Resources space. You will help to solve high impact business problems in an unconventional domain, and encouraged to patent and publish your contributions. If this kind of work fascinates you, reach out to us to find out more!Key Responsibilities· Participate in scoping and planning of GTM’s science products· Design and execute science-based product ideas and features, project plans and communicate with stakeholders.· Develop predictive models to understand important business and people-centered outcomes· Productionize ML and science models at the scale of Amazon
US, CA, Glendale
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing in Pasadena, CA, is looking to hire a Research Scientist with general expertise in experimental quantum physics as part of the Test and Measurement Group within the Quantum Hardware Team. Successful candidates must not only have a strong background in experimental techniques, but also a solid theoretical knowledge of quantum optics, open quantum systems, and quantum measurement. Candidates must also have superior data analysis, problem solving, and communication skills. Working effectively within a team environment is essential.
US, WA, Seattle
The Alexa Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Interpretations team enables tens of thousands of internal and external developers to increase Alexa’s capabilities much more rapidly, in every language. We’re building a new team to support technology transfer and training for Alexa Domain teams to build their own NLU models, using the NLU Interpretations tools and services. Our team is made up of inspired product managers, strong technical leaders, and motivated, autonomous software engineers and scientists.As a Applied Scientist II on the team, you will help our customers build NLU models using our technology and help us launch a new product across the company. You will be diving deep into the details while providing strategic inputs for the product.Other responsibilities include:· · Help drive the ML models and technology choices that enable a world-class user experience· · Utilize various metric sources to deliver rapid iterations of models· · Propose new modeling solutions and run experiments to prove their efficacy· · Collaborate with colleagues from science, engineering, and business backgrounds,· · Ensure data quality throughout all stages of acquisition and processing, including such areas as data sourcing/collection
US, WA, Seattle
Alexa is Amazon's new cloud-based voice service for building engaging and intelligent voice experiences for services and devices, like the groundbreaking Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV. Our mission is to push the envelope in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Audio Signal Processing, in order to provide the best-possible experience for our customers.As an Applied Science Manager for the Alexa team you will be responsible for leading a team of machine learning scientists in the field of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and/or natural language understanding (NLU).The responsibilities include the strategic aspects of setting long term research directions as well as the tactical aspects of addressing customer pain points, setting priorities, and driving the design, development, and deployment of ASR and/or NLU technology. A successful candidate will have an established background in developing customer-facing experiences, a strong technical ability, excellent project management skills, great communication skills, and a motivation to achieve results in a fast paced environment. You will hire and develop your team, build customer-facing experiences, and manage your own projects.As a member of the technical team you will be responsible for...· Owning the strategic planning and project management for long term research projects creating value for our customers.· Analyzing customer data and addressing customer pain points.· Conducting and coordinating research leading to improved accuracy of Alexa's ASR and/or NLU capabilities.· Communicating effectively with senior management as well as with colleagues from research teams, software engineering teams, and other technical and business teams.· Managing the day-to-day activities of the research team.· Hiring and developing researchers.· Staying up-to-date with trends, papers, and academia.
US, CA, Palo Alto
Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business and we are responsible for defining and delivering a collection of advertising products that drive discovery and sales. Our products are strategically important to our Retail and Marketplace businesses driving long term growth. We deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks daily and are breaking fresh ground to create world-class products. We are highly motivated, collaborative and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and bias for action. With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an unprecedented rate with a seemingly endless range of new opportunities.We are looking for top Applied Scientists who have a deep passion for building machine-learning solutions, ability to communicate data insights and scientific vision, and execute strategic projects.As an Applied Scientist in Machine Learning, you will:· Build machine learning models and utilize data analysis to deliver scalable solutions to business problems.· Run A/B experiments, gather data, and perform statistical analysis.· Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large-scale data analysis, machine-learning model development, model validation and serving.· Work closely with software engineers on detailed requirements, technical designs and implementation of end-to-end solutions in production· Research new machine learning approaches.
US, WA, Seattle
Amazon is investing heavily in building a world-class advertising business to define and deliver a collection of ad products that drive long-term customer value. Our team, Sponsored Brands (SB), owns a mid-funnel ad product dedicated for brand owners. We empower brands of all shapes and sizes to attract shoppers in the research and consideration phases of their shopping journey, through visually stunning, inspiring and relevant sponsored shopping experiences. In doing so, we deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks daily, but are only just getting started.The SB Modeling team consists entrepreneurial machine learning scientists and engineers who are responsible for developing core machine learning models and model development pipelines. Through precise estimation of shoppers’ interaction with brand ads and their long-term value, we aim to drive optimal ads retrieval and ranking, and help to deliver a relevant, engaging and delightful ads experience to Amazon shoppers. All of these, powered by state-of-the-art machine learning models, take place in milliseconds.We are looking for an experienced Applied Scientist who is passionate for building machine learning solutions, and communicating science insights, and executing strategic projects. You will work with business partners to design, implement and launch machine learning solutions. You will innovate machine learning models and NLP techniques to connect shoppers with brand ads via shopper intent understanding as well as brand ads interpreting. This is a unique opportunity to stand at the intersection of e-commerce, advertising and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.
US, WA, Seattle
Come join the Alexa team, building the speech and language solutions behind Amazon Echo and other Amazon products and services! You will help us invent the future.As a Data Scientist of the Alexa AI - Alexa Data Services Team, you will research and create models, improve models for natural language processing and speech recognition problems.You will gain hands-on experience with Amazon’s heterogeneous structured data sources; as well as large-scale computing resources to accelerate advances in training deep neural networks for natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition on thousands of hours of speech. You will be leading on solving highly visible and impactful business problems in areas of new product development, automation, self-service solution and quality improvement, to continue delight Alexa customers and help driving Amazon business performance.The ideal candidate is clearly passionate about delivering experiences that delight customers and creating solutions that are robust. Creating reliable, scalable and high performance products requires exceptional technical expertise, and a sound understanding of the fundamentals of Machine Learning.We value academic collaborations and encourage our scientists and engineers to publish in top conferences such as NIPS, ICML, ICLR, KDD etc. and do open source contribution.(S)He should thrive and have demonstrated success in an environment which offers ambiguously defined problems, big challenges, and quick changes. (S)He will be expected to balance detailed execution with speed and possess solid collaborative skills. (S)He will be working in a fast-paced environment where every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. (S)He should have excellent business and communication skills and be able to work with business owners to develop and define solutions. This position involves regular communication with senior management on project status and risks. Cross-team coordination, project management, and executive presentation skills are essential.