Postdoctoral Science Program

The program offers recent PhD graduates an opportunity to advance research while working alongside experienced scientists with backgrounds in industry and academia.

The Amazon Postdoctoral Science Program provides recent PhD graduates with a formal avenue to gain industry experience, apply their subject matter expertise, and gain mentorship from established Amazon scientists. Postdoctoral scientists will explore new research ideas, accelerate scientific innovation and impact, and publish their work in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

The program is designed for individuals who received their PhD in the past two years and want to gain industry experience. The program advances postdoctoral scientists’ career development through industry exposure, publishing research, and mentorship from the Amazon Science community.

“This program provides an excellent and fun opportunity to work on cutting-edge customer-obsessed research and learn from and collaborate with some of the brightest researchers and leading experts at Amazon,” said Sareh Nabi, a postdoctoral scientist in Amazon Ads who is participating in a postdoc pilot program. “It also provides a great platform to take the skillset I learned and apply it to a wide range of real-world applications on a large scale.”

“This is an opportunity for outstanding researchers to work with us on our hardest scientific challenges,” said Jeremy Wyatt, senior manager of Amazon Robotics AI. “Amazon postdoctoral scientists will pursue exploratory work on our hardest problems, gaining industry experience and publishing the results in the best scientific venues.”

Applications are accepted from postdoctoral candidates in research areas including, but not limited to, the following: computer science, computer vision, conversational AI, data science, fairness in AI, machine learning, machine translation, operations research and optimization, natural language processing, search and information retrieval, responsible AI, and robotics AI.

Research locations

Participants in the Amazon Postdoctoral Science program are located in the same city as their respective team. Amazon has research hubs in cities around the globe; please reference specific postdoc job postings for team location information.

Details and qualifications

Postdoc roles are full-time, one-year commitments; postdocs cannot have dual employment during their time at Amazon.

The basic qualifications for the program are:

  • PhD in a relevant field, received within two years of starting the program;
  • Proven publication record;
  • Experience in data science and quantitative research; and
  • Proficiency in technologies relevant to the subfield
Please click here to view and apply for open postdoctoral positions. For additional information about the program, please reach out to Candidates will be contacted if their expertise and experience align with current business needs; however, a response is not guaranteed.