At Amazon, we believe that scientific innovation is essential to being the most customer-centric company in the world. Our scientists' ability to have an impact at scale allows us to attract some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and related fields.
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    AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Services (SMGS) is responsible for driving revenue, adoption, and growth from the largest and fastest growing small- and mid-market accounts to enterprise-level customers including public sector. The AWS Global Support team interacts with leading companies and believes that world-class support is critical to customer success. AWS Support also partners with a global list of customers that are building mission-critical applications on top of AWS services. Do you have proven analytical capabilities to identify business opportunities, develop predictive models and optimization algorithms to help us build state of the art Support organization? At Amazon, we are working to be the most customer-centric company on earth. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people. We set big goals and are looking for people who can help us reach and exceed them. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Amazon Web Services, Inc. provides services for broad range of applications including compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, and application development, deployment, and management. Global AWS Support BizOPs team is looking for a Data Scientist to model contact forecasting, discovering insights and identifying opportunities through the use of statistics, machine learning, and deep learning to drive business and operational improvements. A successful candidate must be passionate about building solutions that will help drive a more efficient operations network and optimize cost. In this role, you will partner with data engineering, Tooling team, operations, Training, Customer Service, Capacity planning and finance teams, driving optimization and prediction solutions across the network. Key job responsibilities We are looking for an experienced and motivated Data Scientist with proven abilities to build and manage modeling projects, identify data requirements, build methodology and tools that are statistically grounded The candidate will be an expert in the areas of data science, optimization, machine learning and statistics, and is comfortable facilitating ideation and working from concept through execution. The candidate is customer obsessed, innovative, independent, results-oriented and enjoys working in a fast-paced growing organization. An interest in operations, manufacturing or process improvement is helpful. The ability to embrace this ambiguity and work with a highly distributed team of experts is critical. While this is a small team, there is opportunity to own globally impactful work and grow your career in technical, programmatic or people leadership. You will likely work with Python or R, though specific particular modelling language. Your problem-solving ability, knowledge of data models and ability to drive results through ambiguity are more important to us. About the team Diverse Experiences AWS values diverse experiences. Even if you do not meet all of the qualifications and skills listed in the job description, we encourage candidates to apply. If your career is just starting, hasn’t followed a traditional path, or includes alternative experiences, don’t let it stop you from applying. Why AWS? Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. We pioneered cloud computing and never stopped innovating — that’s why customers from the most successful startups to Global 500 companies trust our robust suite of products and services to power their businesses. Inclusive Team Culture Here at AWS, it’s in our nature to learn and be curious. Our employee-led affinity groups foster a culture of inclusion that empower us to be proud of our differences. Ongoing events and learning experiences, including our Conversations on Race and Ethnicity (CORE) and AmazeCon (gender diversity) conferences, inspire us to never stop embracing our uniqueness. Mentorship & Career Growth We’re continuously raising our performance bar as we strive to become Earth’s Best Employer. That’s why you’ll find endless knowledge-sharing, mentorship and other career-advancing resources here to help you develop into a better-rounded professional. Work/Life Balance We value work-life harmony. Achieving success at work should never come at the expense of sacrifices at home, which is why we strive for flexibility as part of our working culture. When we feel supported in the workplace and at home, there’s nothing we can’t achieve in the cloud. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bangalore, KA, IND
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    Appstore Quality tech team builds tools, using AI and engineering techniques to provide the best quality apps to Amazon Appstore users. We are a team of highly-motivated, engaged, and responsive professionals who enable the core testing and quality infrastructure of Amazon Appstore. Come join our team and be a part of history as we deliver results for our customers. Appstore Quality team's mission is to automate all types of functional, non functional, and compliance checks on apps submitted by appstore app developers to enable north star vision of publishing apps in under 5 hours. Our team uses various ML/AI/Generative AI techniques to automatically detect violations in images and text metadata submitted by developers. We are working on ambitious project AI projects such as building LLM, auto navigate a mobile app to detect inside app issues and violations. We are seeking an innovative and technically strong data scientist with a background in optimization, machine learning, and statistical modeling/analysis. This role requires a team member to have strong quantitative modeling skills and the ability to apply optimization/statistical/machine learning methods to complex decision-making problems, with data coming from various data sources. The candidate should have strong communication skills, be able to work closely with stakeholders and translate data-driven findings into actionable insights. The successful candidate will be a self-starter, comfortable with ambiguity, with strong attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. This role involves working closely with Sr Data Scientist, Principal engineer, and engineering team to build ML and AL based solutions in meeting our north start vision. Key job responsibilities • Implement statistical methods to solve specific business problems utilizing code (Python, Scala, etc.). • Improve upon existing methodologies by developing new data sources, testing model enhancements, and fine-tuning model parameters. • Collaborate with program management, product management, software developers, data engineering, and business leaders to provide science support, and communicate feedback; develop, test and deploy a wide range of statistical, econometric, and machine learning models. • Build customer-facing reporting tools to provide insights and metrics which track model performance and explain variance. • Communicate verbally and in writing to business customers with various levels of technical knowledge, educating them about our solutions, as well as sharing insights and recommendations. • Earn the trust of your customers by continuing to constantly obsess over their needs and helping them solve their problems by leveraging technology • Excellent prompt engineering skillset with a deep knowledge of LLMs, embeddings, transformer models. • Work with distributed machine learning and statistical algorithms to harness enormous volumes of data at scale to serve our customers About the team In Appstore, “We entertain, and delight, hundreds of millions of people across devices with a vast selection of relevant apps, games, and services by making it trivially easy for developers to deliver”. Appstore team enables the customer and developer flywheel on devices by enabling developers to seamlessly launch and manage their apps/ in-app content on Amazon. It helps customers discover, buy and engage with these apps on Fire TV, Fire Tablets and mobile devices. The technologies we build on vary from device software, to high scale services, to efficient tools for developers. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bangalore, KA, IND
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    Our customers have immense faith in our ability to deliver packages timely and as expected. A well planned network seamlessly scales to handle millions of package movements a day. It has monitoring mechanisms that detect failures before they even happen (such as predicting network congestion, operations breakdown), and perform proactive corrective actions. When failures do happen, it has inbuilt redundancies to mitigate impact (such as determine other routes or service providers that can handle the extra load), and avoids relying on single points of failure (service provider, node, or arc). Finally, it is cost optimal, so that customers can be passed the benefit from an efficiently set up network. Amazon Shipping is hiring Applied Scientists to help improve our ability to plan and execute package movements. As an Applied Scientist in Amazon Shipping, you will work on multiple challenging machine learning problems spread across a wide spectrum of business problems. You will build ML models to help our transportation cost auditing platforms effectively audit off-manifest (discrepancies between planned and actual shipping cost). You will build models to improve the quality of financial and planning data by accurately predicting ship cost at a package level. Your models will help forecast the packages required to be pick from shipper warehouses to reduce First Mile shipping cost. Using signals from within the transportation network (such as network load, and velocity of movements derived from package scan events) and outside (such as weather signals), you will build models that predict delivery delay for every package. These models will help improve buyer experience by triggering early corrective actions, and generating proactive customer notifications. Your role will require you to demonstrate Think Big and Invent and Simplify, by refining and translating Transportation domain-related business problems into one or more Machine Learning problems. You will use techniques from a wide array of machine learning paradigms, such as supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised and reinforcement learning. Your model choices will include, but not be limited to, linear/logistic models, tree based models, deep learning models, ensemble models, and Q-learning models. You will use techniques such as LIME and SHAP to make your models interpretable for your customers. You will employ a family of reusable modelling solutions to ensure that your ML solution scales across multiple regions (such as North America, Europe, Asia) and package movement types (such as small parcel movements and truck movements). You will partner with Applied Scientists and Research Scientists from other teams in US and India working on related business domains. Your models are expected to be of production quality, and will be directly used in production services. You will work as part of a diverse data science and engineering team comprising of other Applied Scientists, Software Development Engineers and Business Intelligence Engineers. You will participate in the Amazon ML community by authoring scientific papers and submitting them to Machine Learning conferences. You will mentor Applied Scientists and Software Development Engineers having a strong interest in ML. You will also be called upon to provide ML consultation outside your team for other problem statements. If you are excited by this charter, come join us! We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Gurugram, HR, IND
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    Do you want to join an innovative team of scientists who use machine learning and statistical techniques to create state-of-the-art solutions for providing better value to Amazon’s customers? Do you want to build and deploy advanced ML systems that help optimize millions of transactions every day? Are you excited by the prospect of analyzing and modeling terabytes of data to solve real-world problems? Do you like to own end-to-end business problems/metrics and directly impact the profitability of the company? Do you like to innovate and simplify? If yes, then you may be a great fit to join the Machine Learning team for India Consumer Businesses. Machine Learning, Big Data and related quantitative sciences have been strategic to Amazon from the early years. Amazon has been a pioneer in areas such as recommendation engines, ecommerce fraud detection and large-scale optimization of fulfillment center operations. As Amazon has rapidly grown and diversified, the opportunity for applying machine learning has exploded. We have a very broad collection of practical problems where machine learning systems can dramatically improve the customer experience, reduce cost, and drive speed and automation. These include product bundle recommendations for millions of products, safeguarding financial transactions across by building the risk models, improving catalog quality via extracting product attribute values from structured/unstructured data for millions of products, enhancing address quality by powering customer suggestions We are developing state-of-the-art machine learning solutions to accelerate the Amazon India growth story. Amazon India is an exciting place to be at for a machine learning practitioner. We have the eagerness of a fresh startup to absorb machine learning solutions, and the scale of a mature firm to help support their development at the same time. As part of the India Machine Learning team, you will get to work alongside brilliant minds motivated to solve real-world machine learning problems that make a difference to millions of our customers. We encourage thought leadership and blue ocean thinking in ML. Key job responsibilities Use machine learning and analytical techniques to create scalable solutions for business problems Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data to help automate and optimize key processes Design, develop, evaluate and deploy, innovative and highly scalable ML models Work closely with software engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations Work closely with business partners to identify problems and propose machine learning solutions Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model maintenance Work proactively with engineering teams and product managers to evangelize new algorithms and drive the implementation of large-scale complex ML models in production Leading projects and mentoring other scientists, engineers in the use of ML techniques About the team International Machine Learning Team is responsible for building novel ML solutions that attack India first (and other Emerging Markets across MENA and LatAm) problems and impact the bottom-line and top-line of India business. Learn more about our team from We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bengaluru, KA, IND
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    DESCRIPTION The Digital Acceleration (DA) team in India is seeking a talented, self-driven Applied Scientist to work on prototyping, optimizing, and deploying ML algorithms for solving Digital businesses problems. Key job responsibilities - Research, experiment and build Proof Of Concepts advancing the state of the art in AI & ML. - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to architect and execute technically rigorous AI projects. - Thrive in dynamic environments, adapting quickly to evolving technical requirements and deadlines. - Engage in effective technical communication (written & spoken) with coordination across teams. - Conduct thorough documentation of algorithms, methodologies, and findings for transparency and reproducibility. - Publish research papers in internal and external venues of repute - Support on-call activities for critical issues BASIC QUALIFICATIONS - Experience building machine learning models or developing algorithms for business application - PhD, or a Master's degree and experience in CS, CE, ML or related field - Knowledge of programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java or Perl - Experience in any of the following areas: algorithms and data structures, parsing, numerical optimization, data mining, parallel and distributed computing, high-performance computing - Proficiency in coding and software development, with a strong focus on machine learning frameworks. - Understanding of relevant statistical measures such as confidence intervals, significance of error measurements, development and evaluation data sets, etc. - Excellent communication skills (written & spoken) and ability to collaborate effectively in a distributed, cross-functional team setting. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS - 3+ years of building machine learning models or developing algorithms for business application experience - Have publications at top-tier peer-reviewed conferences or journals - Track record of diving into data to discover hidden patterns and conducting error/deviation analysis - Ability to develop experimental and analytic plans for data modeling processes, use of strong baselines, ability to accurately determine cause and effect relations - Exceptional level of organization and strong attention to detail - Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, dynamic work environment We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Chennai, TN, IND
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    The Amazon Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) team is seeking a talented, self-driven Senior Applied Scientist to work on prototyping, optimizing, and deploying ML algorithms within the realm of Generative AI. Key job responsibilities - Research, experiment and build Proof Of Concepts advancing the state of the art in AI & ML for GenAI. - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to architect and execute technically rigorous AI projects. - Thrive in dynamic environments, adapting quickly to evolving technical requirements and deadlines. - Engage in effective technical communication (written & spoken) with coordination across teams. - Conduct thorough documentation of algorithms, methodologies, and findings for transparency and reproducibility. - Publish research papers in internal and external venues of repute - Support on-call activities for critical issues A day in the life This Senior Applied Scientist will be working with a group of talented scientists on researching algorithm and running experiments to test scientific proposal/solutions in LLMs. They will also collaborate with partner teams across roles (product/program managers, data annotators, developers, etc) to deliver robust models in production. They will mentor other scientists, review and guide their work, and help develop roadmaps for the team. They will work closely with partner teams to deliver platform features that require cross-team leadership. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bengaluru, KA, IND
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    The Supply Chain Optimization Technologies (SCOT) organization owns Amazon’s global inventory management systems: we build systems that decide what, when, where, and how much we should buy to support Amazon’s business and to make our customers happy. We do this for millions of items, for hundreds of product lines worth billions of dollars of inventory world-wide. Our systems are built entirely in-house, and are on the cutting edge in automated large-scale business, inventory and supply chain planning and optimization systems. We foster new game-changing ideas, creating ever more intelligent and self-learning systems to maximize the efficiency of Amazon's inventory investment and placement decisions. The Automated Inventory Management team (AIM) within SCOT seeks an experienced and motivated Sr.Applied Scientist to develop analytical models and tools to automate the auditing of the SCOT systems. Such tools may include algorithms, metric bridges, dashboards, processes and workflow systems. The successful candidate will have strong quantitative data mining and modeling skills and be comfortable working on new and highly ambiguous problems from concept through to execution. They will have strong communication and leadership skills, will be able to collaborate with other teams (e.g. software development, business owners, product managers) and to present findings to senior audiences to drive business improvements. Key job responsibilities Responsibilities Include: - Implement statistical and machine learning methods to solve complex business problems - Research new ways to improve predictive and explanatory models - Directly contribute to the design and development of automated prediction systems and ML infrastructure - Build models that can detect supply chain defects and explain variance to the optimal state - Collaborate with other researchers, software developers, and business leaders to define the scientific roadmap for this team We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bangalore, KA, IND
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    Are you looking for an opportunity to build a highly available, large scale, enterprise-wide software solution? Does it excite you to find patterns and build generic, composable software solutions to solve complex problems? Are you looking for inventing newer and simpler ways of building solutions? If so, we are looking for you to fill a challenging position in Amazon Finance Automation Receivables Technology team. At FinAuto Receivables Tech, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and efficiency for our valued customers, Amazon, and Global Accounts Receivable (GAR). Our Celerity team is at the forefront of this mission, dedicated to securing customer communications, automating collections tasks, and gathering invaluable Amazon Customer insights. One of our flagship initiatives, the Zero Touch program, is transforming the way we handle customer communications. In the dynamic world of Account Receivables, we receive over 3.5 million emails annually, and our analysts spend countless hours processing these inquiries manually. However, we're reimagining this process with cutting-edge automation. Imagine a world where your inquiries are addressed instantly, without the need for manual intervention. That's the vision of our Zero Touch Response (ZTR) program. By harnessing the power of machine learning and advanced workflows, we aim to automate the processing of inbound emails, significantly improving analyst productivity and reducing response times from 120 hours to an astounding 6 hours. Our innovative solution understands the intent behind each email, leveraging classification models to create intelligent workflows that gather the necessary information and generate tailored responses to your queries. With a modular design, we can effortlessly scale to handle multiple email intents without additional effort. Moreover, our multilingual capabilities ensure that we can serve customers across diverse marketplaces, breaking down language barriers and providing a seamless experience for all. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine customer service with cutting-edge technology. You will lead the ZTR two-pizza team, including a dedicated science team, to collaborate and drive innovation forward. Key job responsibilities Applied Scientist should have deep knowledge in the domain of science expertise. They are proficient with state-of-the-art scientific approaches, as well as emerging technologies coming from the research community, which you can fluently communicate to teammates and partners. They should be able to identify existing and future customers’ and business needs or pain points at the project level. They should author or co-author articles for internal or external peer-reviewed venues that validate the novelty of your work. The components they develop are at least at the same level as those developed by an SDE I and are directly integrated in production, or directly support large systems, applications, product, or services. You are capable of making progress semi-autonomously, with only occasional guidance. They contribute by participating in tactical and strategic planning such as team goals, priorities and roadmaps. You identify problems and propose solutions for the customer. About the team The FinAuto Receivables Tech team strives to consistently evolve and anticipate emerging business needs that drive scale and efficiency for customers, Amazon and Global Accounts Receivable (GAR). The Celerity team is a part of the FinAuto Receivables tech team, charted to secure customer communications, automate collections tasks, and provide Amazon customer insights. One of the Celerity team charters, Zero touch Response, the team will build a solution to automate inbound email processing and respond to customer within SLAs. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Gurugram, HR, IND
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    Are you interested in changing the Digital Reading Experience? We are from Kindle Books Team looking for a set of Scientists to take the reading experience in Kindle to next level with a set of innovations! We envision Kindle as the place where readers find the best manifestation of all written content optimized with features that enable them to get the most out of reading, and creators are able to realize their vision to customers quickly and at scale. Every time customers open their content, regardless of surface, they start or restart their reading in a familiar, useful and engaging place. We achieve this by building a strong foundation of core experiences and act as a force multiplier and partner for content creators (directly or indirectly) to easily innovate on top of Kindle's purpose built content experience stack in a simple and extensible way. We will achieve this by providing a best-in-class reading experience, unique content experiences, and remaining agile in meeting the evolving needs and preferences of our users. Our goal is to foster long-lasting reading habits and make us the preferred destination for enriching literary experiences. We are building a In The Book Science team and looking for Scientists, who are passionate about Reading and are willing to take Reading to the next level. Every Book is a complex structure with different entities, layout, format and semantics, with more than 17MM eBooks in our catalog. We are looking for experts in all domains like core NLP, Generative AI, CV and Deep Learning Techniques for unlocking capabilities like analysis, enhancement, curation, moderation, translation, transformation and generation in Books based on Content structure, features, Intent & Synthesis. Scientists will focus on Inside the book content and semantically learn the different entities to enhance the Reading experience overall (Kindle & beyond). They have an opportunity to influence in 2 major phases of life-cycle - Publishing (Creation of Books process) and Reading experience (building engaging features & representation in the book thereby driving reading engagement). Key job responsibilities - 3+ years of building machine learning models for business application experience - PhD, or Master's degree and 2+ years of applied research experience - Knowledge of programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java or Perl - Experience programming in Java, C++, Python or related language - You have expertise in one of the applied science disciplines, such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, Deep learning - You are able to use reasonable assumptions, data, and customer requirements to solve problems. - You initiate the design, development, execution, and implementation of smaller components with input and guidance from team members. - You work with SDEs to deliver solutions into production to benefit customers or an area of the business. - You assume responsibility for the code in your components. You write secure, stable, testable, maintainable code with minimal defects. - You understand basic data structures, algorithms, model evaluation techniques, performance, and optimality tradeoffs. - You follow engineering and scientific method best practices. You get your designs, models, and code reviewed. You test your code and models thoroughly - You participate in team design, scoping and prioritization discussions. You are able to map a business goal to a scientific problem and map business metrics to technical metrics. - You invent, refine and develop your solutions to ensure they are meeting customer needs and team goals. You keep current with research trends in your area of expertise and scrutinize your results. A day in the life You will be working with a group of talented scientists on researching algorithm and running experiments to test solutions to improve our experience. This will involve collaboration with partner teams including engineering, PMs, data annotators, and other scientists to discuss data quality, model development and productionizing the same. You will mentor other scientists, review and guide their work, help develop roadmaps for the team. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bangalore, IND | Bangalore, KA, IND
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    Advertising at Amazon is a fast-growing multi-billion dollar business that spans across desktop, mobile and connected devices; encompasses ads on Amazon and a vast network of hundreds of thousands of third party publishers; and extends across US, EU and an increasing number of international geographies. One of the key focus areas is Traffic Quality where we endeavour to identify non-human and invalid traffic within programmatic ad sources, and weed them out to ensure a high quality advertising marketplace. We do this by building machine learning and optimization algorithms that operate at scale, and leverage nuanced features about user, context, and creative engagement to determine the validity of traffic. The challenge is to stay one step ahead by investing in deep analytics and developing new algorithms that address emergent attack vectors in a structured and scalable fashion. We are committed to building a long-term traffic quality solution that encompasses all Amazon advertising channels and provides state-of-the-art traffic filtering that preserves advertiser trust and saves them hundreds of millions of dollars of wasted spend. We are looking for talented applied scientists who enjoy working on creative machine learning algorithms and thrive in a fast-paced, fun environment. An Applied Scientist is responsible for solving inherently hard problems in advertising fraud detection using deep learning, self-supervised techniques, representation learning and advanced clustering. An ideal candidate should have strong depth and breadth knowledge in machine learning, data mining and statistics. Traffic quality systems process billions of ad-impressions and clicks per day, by leveraging cutting-edge open source technologies like Spark, Redis and Amazon's cloud services like EC2, S3, EMR, DynamoDB and RedShift. The candidate should have reasonable programming and design skills to manipulate unstructured and big data and build prototypes that work on massive datasets. The candidate should be able to apply business knowledge to perform broad data analysis as a precursor to modeling and to provide valuable business intelligence. We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Bangalore, IND | Bangalore, KA, IND | Bengaluru, KA, IND | Hubli, KA, IND

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