January 3 - 5, 2021


About AEA: The American Economic Association Annual Meeting is held each January to present papers on general economics topics. Some of the best minds in economics are assembled to network and celebrate new achievements in economic research. Economists from around the world take advantage of this unique opportunity to share, collaborate, and learn — all in one place.

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Economists at Amazon are solving some of the most challenging applied-economics questions in the tech sector. Join this virtual event to hear from Amazon economists who are using their skills at Amazon to enhance our customers' experience.

Workshops & sessions

AEA/AFA Joint Lecture | January 3
Chair: David Card, Amazon scholar

AEA Awards Ceremony and AEA Distinguished Lecture | January 3
Chair: David Card, Amazon scholar

AEA Nobel Laureate Lecture honoring the 2019 Nobel Laureates Abhijit Bannerjee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Esther Duflo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Michael Kremer (Harvard University) | January 4
Chair: David Card, Amazon scholar

Econometrics Session in Honor of Gary Chamberlain | January 3
Paper session
Amazonian authors: Alberto Abadie, academic research consultant | Guido Imbens, academic research consultant

The Social Determinants of Choice Quality, Health and Human Capital | January 3
Paper Session
Chair: Benjamin Handel, Amazon scholar

Economists in Tech: Career Outlook and Sample Projects | January 5
Panel discussion
Participating panelist: Pat Bajari, VP and chief economist

What AI Can Do in Economics? | January 5
Paper session
Amazonian author: Victor Chernozhukov, Amazon scholar

David Card
Credit: Genevieve Shiffrar
January 06, 2021
Amazon Scholar David Card on the revolution in economic research that he helped launch and its consequences for industry.

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Amazon’s research teams are looking forward to meeting you during AEA 2021. If you'd like to connect with one of our economists or a recruiter, please email us at economist-careers@amazon.com.

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